Thursday, 12 July 2012


French Minnie. The concept is simple really. Minnie mouse was always my absolute favourite cartoon character. Except I called her Mice-Got-Bow, Mickey naturally was Mice-Not-Got-Bow. But that's irelevant. Seeing as she was my childhood best friend, it would be wrong to abandon her in my 18th year. The second element of this look comes from my recent trip to La Parii! Clearly french inspirations are still filtering through into my outfits. The result? French Minnie.

(Red beret- Charity shop. Collar necklace- Accsesorize. Tee- Freemans. Jacket- un-known french boutique. Belt- Love Label. Skirt- Ebay. Underskirt- Littlewoods. Shoes- Miss KG, Kurt Geiger.)

Just one final thing. These shoes? They are aptly named 'Minnie' and are just. To. Die. For!



  1. i love everything with this outfiit~ nice minnie shoes~!

    please visit~

  2. Oh my goodness, "mice got bow" has to be possibly the cutest thing I have ever heard! Loving how you accessorized this, especially with the collar and the heart belt!
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    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  3. This outfit is absolutely adorable. So cute and fun!


  4. Thankyou all for your kind words,
    Much Loving
    -Tess xxx

  5. Great outfit - you pull it off ^.^
    The love pictures in the right hit my heart, cool detail to your blog "theme" :´)

    - Ellen,

  6. this is sooo cute. a mature minnie mouse look!

  7. Thankyou both for your lovely comments!
    Ellen- the images are all very special to me <3
    Much love to you both
    -Tess xxx

  8. awesome blog ! keep on the good work !
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  9. Thankyou Carolina for your lovely comment, I look forward to reading your blog also!

  10. ciekawie tu! pozdrawiam :)

  11. Such a cute outfit and I really love your hair! Suits you so well!! :)