Wednesday, 29 August 2012


So, it's been a little while since I've posted! With the worry of exam results and then the excitment of University, life has become far more active these last weeks. But I'm back, Blogging about my one true love. London City.

Its safe to say that since I was a little girl I always felt at home in London. Everyone there is so different and diverse and the whole place is so busy and lively it makes you feel more alive. With a trip to London in the pipeline my outfit needed to be inspired by the great city. And here is that London look.

Overlooking the London eye, with a flag around my neck. Can this be more British? Well, of course it can with the addition of my brand spanking new bowler. How long I'v wanted one I can't even measure. And now I am a proud owner of this Topshop beauty.
Lunching in Covent Gardens. And lunching on a summer berry meringue. Although we're at next to two ladies adorned head to manicured toe in designer labels. Prada glasses and Dior earring envy aside, this is heaven. And I swear to God that even water tastes better in the city!
Notice the shoes in this image. Not the shoes I left the house in I can tell ya! I bought these babies in Kurt Geiger in Covent Gardens after lusting after them for years. Honestly can not wait to wear these over Christmas. Such an awesome alternative to heels. Its like Dorothy of Oz meets Tom Chambers. What more could you want?

Black, white and red. Sort of like a monochrome Union Jack. But with spots, stripes and stars. So I suppose theres some Americana in there too. Plus frilly socks. As my heart lies in the city, I decided to take along my heart accessories also. Plus these glasses are ridiculously cute so I will try and work them into every outfit possible. What do you think folks? Anyone else believe London is their home? Although, even I admit, with a Union Jack flag/ scarf around my neck, I am for now a tourist.
TrueLoveAlways <3