Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Welcome back!

Hello blogosphere!

I'm sure you have all forgotten my very brief existence in the blogging community and my (at one point)  deeply loved and cherished blog flew off the radar and landed among fashion fads and discarded memontos of time gone by. Well, here I am, back with a motive and a very active key board. God how life has changed since I started True Love Always, subsequantly neglected true love always and now return, apology in hand.

I shall recap the last year and a half in the briefest way possible by saying: I went to university, I dropped out of university, I came home, got a full time job running a bar (so glamorous, not.) met my beautiful boyfriend, moved in with my boyfriend, leaving home again, and now I live in our gorgeous little home with James (said boyfriend) Billy, the Cat, and the spare room-turned-wardrobe. And that's describing the most life changing part of my life thus far in the most simple terms imaginable. I'm sure within this blog I will expand on some of these events, important as they are. It makes me sad that I neglected blogging during a time when I actually have so much to say. And all the missed oppertunities I had to blog about. I am so much happier in my life now and have been blessed with some wonderful memories which I would have loved to share here. So be prepared for some retrospective posts in the near future. One of which will include our Trip to New York. At Christmas time. Sorry, I just had to drop that one.

Followers of my blog will know my first post ever, was set in beautiful Paris. So guess what? That's where I'm starting this time. Got to be true to my blog. I also think its fitting to start my True Love always, mark two, where I began the first time. So here it is. PARIS.

James and I entered a competition with the wonderful company Jones and Jones. It was harmless fun at first; enter a picture of you and your beloved while wearing one of their dresses, gain likes, and win a trip to Paris on Valentines! I happened to have the dress and the boy, so why not right? Then things went a little crazy and 600 likes, and probably as many shares, later, and guess what? Paris here we come!

Heres are entry, and your first glimpse and Mr Love Always.
I'm sure he'l be appearing many more times!
Dress: Jones and Jones 'poppy' dress 

I worried I may be a little over dressed. But as one of my dear girlies so rightly said 'it is simply impossible to be over dressed in Paris'. With that philosophy in mind (and it being Valentines and all that) I wore my pretty pink Ted baker number. Tutu skirt and all.

My own little Marilyn moment 

To dress it down somewhat, I threw on trusty converse, a biker jacket and blue and white stripey crop. A bit of classic French fashion creeping in you see! Yes, everyone else in the city was wrapped head to two to battle the stupidly strong winds and I didn't have so much as a pair of tights, but who cares. It was Valentines day. In Paris. With the love of my life. To hell with practicalities like weather. I was going for it! (apologies for the ridiculously loved up sound of this last sentence. I do try to hide it. But it always creeps in. Sigh.)

We only went for the day, which meant a crazy adventure. Arriving at 9 on Valentines morning we set off for the most iconic landmark, La Tour Eiffel. I've been lucky enough to go to Paris twice before but never climbed this iron feat. James has never been so naturally hasn't either. I guess I didn't really need to state that, oh well. We climbed the thing. Oh. God. I am scared of heights. And lifts. What a Valentines treat I had in store! Saying that the views were spectactular and if possible Paris looks even more beautiful from the sky. It was so beautiful I can't quite explain. That was one thing off the bucket list.

Just hanging out above everyone else in the city!

We spent the day zipping around the city, visiting the beautiful landmarks, wondering the streets, flowers in hand. And then when the sun set, we went and saw everything again! I honestly don't think it could have got more romantic. This from the girls whose original V day plans included working the fully book bar and waiting on cute couples while desperately wanting to plant rings in chocolate brownies. How things changed. And all thanks to Jones and Jones! It was such a wonderful treat, complete with roses, salted caramel crepes, a ridiculous tutu skirt (that deserved an extra seat on the euro star due to its size and volume) and wine thrown in for good measure.

Seeing the sights

My deepest apologies to everyone out there who thought (given us being in early March) the Valentines posts had come to an end. I realise how sickening this may have sounded. But hopefully you can enjoy the fashion in the most stunning city if nothing else. And hopefully the name of the blog gave a little hint to some of the cringey cute contents. If it makes you feel any better I still pinch myself for being so gross.

Tokens of love

So there you have it. A day in our life (which I promise is not usually glamorous of even that exciting) and my return to blogging! Hand on my keyboard, no one will be waiting over a year and half for next post. Pinky Promise. I solomley swear.

Goodbye for now, have a wonderful day whatever you are doing. I'm off to paint the kitchen so that it is no longer a glaring shade of orange. I told you, glamorous ;) *mischief managed* teehee!