Tuesday, 10 July 2012


The Little Black Dress. Introduced to us by the fabulous Chanel and considered by many to be the essential item of any woman's wardrobe; the LBD never really did it for me. I never understood the allure and appeal of it, always thinking of it as 'safe' and 'just a dress'. However this thesis was torn apart this week when I discovered a truly wonderful dress which was both little and black. When wearing the body con number, with cut out sides, I felt sexy and feminine and classy. If a simple dress can make you feel so wonderful, perhaps there really is something to it. Is the hype right? Is the LBD really an essential I'd been neglecting for years? Feeling inspired, I started to consider just how many ways there are to wear the little black dress. The answer of course is more extensive than the age old question 'How do you eat yours' in reference to the cream egg. Here are just 5 of my ideas on how to get the most out of the LBD and transform it from 'just a dress' to something so much more...
Taking inspiration from the likes of Taylor Momsen (minus the needle thin thighs) I went for a biker/ goth look.  Its a no brainer really: Leather+LBD= style points. Although a leather vest and severe choker could be quite extreme, I think the simple colour palette and key pieces, keep the whole look wearable. The moment I bought the dress this hat seemed to gravitate towards it. I love a bowler and it works so effortlessly here. As far as I'm concerned you can add a bowler to anything and the look would only improve. Plus these tights? Iv always adored a pattern tight, and these lace pair are no exception. They just remind me of Bellatrix Le Strange! Who doesn't love a bit of dark arts...
A very different look coming through here. Feeling vintage and exploring my inner Audry, I found this stunning hat and took the outfit from there. When it came to the pearls I thought the more the merrier. A pile of pearls is a great way to make them edgy and stylish while giving a nod to the classic. There is something so chic about gloves, and elbow length silk ones are the epitome of this. I love the classic look with the modern twists. Seeing as Miss Hepburn so famously donned the Little black dress, making it her signature and upping its fame, it seemed only appropriate to dedicate this look to her. There was something so refreshing about dressing so classy; here's to Hepburn.
So this look uses the dress as a simple base to build something completely new. I had to include this jacket somewhere in this post. I love it. I'd been after an oversized denim jacket for a while when I found this in the mens section of a charity shop. Its an absolute bargain I will just wear again and again. I could gush about it all day long! Combined with a lumberjack shirt, brothel creepers and Duckie glasses, its a typical 'off duty' look for me- laid back, layered and a mishmash of pieces.
Dream a little dream with me. The look is just so pretty. The shirt is pretty, the scarf is pretty, the flowers are pretty. Its just Pretty! I had to combine the shirt with a hot air balloon necklace because the colours look like a little drop of sky. The flowers and feathers in my hair are a new love of mine. I've started hoarding all sorts of hair accessories and here is a combination of just a few. I've fallen for the idea of a flower crown and needed to include it in a post. The tones and textures involved in this looks are so ethereal and change the little black dress from sexy to, well, pretty.
My fifth and favourite look. If you read my last post you will know all about my love for this hat. And here it strikes again, this time with a fabulous robe. I found the robe in a charity and got stupidly excited by it. The print, the colour the size, the drape- all of it! Its wonderful. Although it can't be seen here, it sweeps the floor and my gladiator stacked sandles. To be honest I felt like something out of Poriot when wearing it. Combined with a collection of striking jewellery including a cross body necklace, the subject of new found necklace love, and a selection of cuffs the whole look reminds me of a global traveller. I don't know why I love this look so much, just the combination of chic pieces and lashings of jewels, something about it made me feel so unique. Its a powerful feeling, to love what you wear.

So there we have it lovelies. 5 very different looks inspired by the Little Black dress. Which is your favourite? And how would you wear yours? The options are endless and oppertunities to dress it up or down infinate. But with all the decisions the LBD forces you to make, we can rest assured there is only one way to eat that cream egg. Bite the top off. Eat the 'yolk', and then the chocolate. That at least is certain.

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  1. OMG I love all these photos and your outfits! Cute blog love! Youre off to a great start in your blog!

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  2. hi tess u have great style. let's be friends!

  3. Thankyou both for your comments :) Much love
    -Tess xx

  4. Thankyou Sabrina and David, it is also my favourite.
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  5. I am very proud to be the 8th member of your blog! ^.^ I really admire your style and taste, and by having looked at you previously posts and outfits I have to say you are very inspiring. Your blog already have much quality - it's going to be huge! xD
    Good luck ;)

    - Ellen, http://eventsofellen.blogspot.com

  6. Thankyou so much! Your comment means alot to me, I am touched you find my style inspiring :)
    Have a lovely day, I hope you continue to enjoy my blog
    -Tess xxx

  7. love the way you dress up....kisses rom Italy